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Sweet Tomatoes

Back before everything was processed with chemicals and not genetically modified, people actually ate their fruits and vegetables. Sweet Tomatoes gives you the opportunity to glide through a dazzling array of all things green, orange, yellow and red for those glorious salad days once again. After veggies, the buffet continues with soups and chili, cornbread, pizza, pastas, fresh fruit and soft-serve. Show a little restraint, won't you? Although a chain, Sweet Tomatoes offers coupons in Sunday's paper and is a great place to feed the family. Don't forget to tip the wait staff as they cheerfully refill coffee and disburse warm chocolate chip cookies, with the chips still melting.

Runners up:

2. Golden Corral Buffet and Grill, 715 E. Wetmore Road, 293-0088; 4380 E. 22nd St., 512-0088; 6385 S. Midvale Park Road, 806-0088
3. Govinda's Natural Foods Buffet, 711 E. Blacklidge Drive, 792-0630