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Blue Willow

The legend of the Blue Willow is a Chinese tale of forbidden passion and lovers magically transformed into doves who live forever, immortalized in a blue china pattern. We're delighted we get to share breakfast with our loved ones at Blue Willow, which happily serves breakfast all day long and into the night. We're particularly enchanted by the Blue Willow special, which brings together eggs, chicken, cheese, salsa and tortillas in a delicious frittata. But you can't go wrong with the omelets, the huevos rancheros, the breakfast burrito, the fresh fruit crepes or any of the other delights on the menu. The Blue Willow has been doing it right since 1978, and here's hoping they live as long as those immortal doves.

Runners up:

2. Cup Cafe

311 E. Congress St.


3. Ghini's French Cafe

1803 E. Prince Road


—Please tell us you were kidding, even though their Cinnamon Melts are kind of amazing: Two votes for "McDonald's"

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