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Blue Willow

2616 N. Campbell Ave.

READERS' PICK: After working all week as a corporate slave, your Saturday morning appetite for a grand savory breakfast is at a peak. And you take yourself down to the petit haven of the Blue Willow, where not only can you indulge in mouth-watering omelets, the best-cooked potatoes in town, the finest crêpes, the freshest o.j. and the most scrumptious of tofu scrambles, but you can even have dessert after your breakfast! And while you wait the most deserving of waits for this weekend-starting meal, you can browse through a gift shop that will remind you of all those other things that you should be doing this weekend ... like having fun.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Frank's Restaurant, 3843 E. Pima St. Every town has a landmark that local people revere. San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge, St. Louis has the Gateway Arch, and Phoenix has the "TUCSON, 99 Mi." sign. Here in the Old Pueblo there is Frank's, an old-fashioned breakfast diner where the regular customers are more loyal than Secret Service agents. Located at the corner of Pima and Alvernon for about ... ever, Frank's serves low-priced, no-frills breakfasts to hundreds and hundreds of people each week. The high-octane coffee and down-to-earth food make the perfect combination to help get Tucsonans on their way to a productive day.

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