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Best Bowling Alley

Lucky Strike Bowl

4015 E. Speedway Blvd.

Of all the joyful activities taken away by the pandemic, some of the most heartbreaking were wonderfully human times where masses of total strangers would gather in one place to engage in a shared experience. We all miss sitting in a crowded movie theater, eating a good meal in a slightly noisy restaurant, or screaming our lungs out at a ballgame. And then there is the sublime excitement of bowling—the clacking of pins, the wince-inducing thud of a poorly thrown ball landing 15 feet down the lane, the shrieks of glee and the moans of anguish, all induced by a system of physics almost as complex as that which goes into the workings of a thermonuclear device. Plus, those French fries. Bowling is back at Lucky Strike and it comes in all kinds of cool forms. They have leagues, open play, family activities, birthday parties, special events and even lasers. Best of all, it’s completely smoke-free. Gutter ball or three-strike turkey—it’s all the same now that bowling heaven is back.

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