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Aqua Vita

3225 N. Los Altos Ave.

STAFF PICK: Just as with organic growers, regulations have lagged behind the demand for pure, unadulterated H20. While there are many places in town that'll give you water in a bottle, the only place we trust to give us sodium free, carbon filtered and steam distilled drinking pleasure is Aqua Vita. We don't even know why it matters that it's "concentrated ozonated oxygenated water...revitalized with ions," we just know that it goes through seven stages of filtration before it goes out the door; and when we have a steady supply of it, we don't forget to drink those eight recommended glasses a day. Always friendly Aqua Vita expanded last summer to include a full-service health store with dry goods, vegan condiments, organic produce, deliciously dense breads by local bakeries Small Planet and Wisdom Baked Goods, natural toiletries and a veritable arsenal of homeopathic medicines and essential oils.

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