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Bookmans Entertainment Exchange

Multiple locations

Books are our passageway into the castles of the Emerald City, the elven halls of Rivendell and the cold frontier of Winterfell. And nowhere are you more likely to find unexpected discoveries than at Bookmans Entertainment Exchange, where the shelves are stacked with treasures of mysterious libraries from across the globe—and possibly even your home! You never know what someone is going to trade in next at Bookmans, which makes every visit an adventure. Most books are half their cover price—a bargain by any measure—and if you get lucky at the trade desk, you might not have to pay anything at all. Plus, you can shop for music, movies, magazines, video games and even musical instruments while you’re there. Young munchkins will love the story time along with the many well-loved books in the kid section. It’s little wonder Bookmans remains a Tucson favorite.

Runners Up:

2. Antigone Books

3. UA Bookstore

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