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Best Bookstore for Used Books

Bookmans Entertainment Exchange

If there were one place where book-lovers in Tucson would want to be if they survived the apocalypse, it would be Bookmans. The thought of looking for other survivors would easily disappear among the sea of paperbacks lining the walls, and the other books filling the shelves throughout the store. Bookmans is a safe haven for readers of any genre, from the classics to science fiction to old Westerns. You'll also find yourself amongst an array of CDs, board games, video games and movies. If the helpful and welcoming staff did not survive, you're still in luck; there are maps to help you navigate your way through the store.

Runners up:

2. The Book Stop

214 N. Fourth Ave.


3. Mostly Books

6208 E. Speedway Blvd.


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