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Best Birthday Party Place

Chuck E. Cheese's

1984 was the year of the rat, which occurs once every 12 years in the Chinese zodiac. To the children of Tucson Weekly readers, though, nearly every year has been the year of the rat: This marks the seventh time in nine years that Chuck E. Cheese's has captured the hearts of the wee ones (and their parents' pocketbooks). Who can blame them? For $10 to $15 per rug-rat, you get special gifts and recognition for the birthday boy or girl, two slices of pizza, unlimited soda and (thankfully) 20 game tokens per child to help work off some of those extra carbs and sugar. And don't forget that special visit from everybody's favorite costumed, human-sized rat!

Runners up:

2. Pump It Up

3248 N. Freeway Industrial Loop, No. 108


3. Peter Piper Pizza

Various locations