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Best Birthday Party Place

Chuck E. Cheese's

Little-known fact: Ricki Lee Jones wrote a 1979 classic in one of the first Chuck E. Cheese franchises. Some will tell you that the song "Chuck E.'s in Love" is about Chuck E. Weiss (no relation), but we have it on good authority it was written after she saw the 8:30 animatronic show at her daughter's birthday party. Speaking of birthday parties, the best place to take the kids, according to you, the readers of the Weekly, is Chuck E. Cheese's, and with all those diversions (video games, sundae bars, Dance Dance Revolution and, of course, pizza), it's actually possible to get a moment free from the little monsters (that is, of course, unless Chuck E. himself makes an appearance, in which case, hurry up and stuff toilet paper in your ears before the squealing begins). Wait--did we just describe your children as little monsters?

Runners up:

2. Peter Piper Pizza, Various locations
3. Funtasticks Family Fun Park, 221 E. Wetmore Road, 888-4653