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Chuck E Cheese

Reader's Pick: See best Catered-To-Kids Restaurant.

Of Mythic Proportions: Once upon a Time, 1515 E. Broadway Blvd. Perhaps you've noticed the charming little blue-and purple-trimmed cottage with flower boxes and a flowery arch as you went zipping down Broadway on your way downtown. If a little girl was with you, she not only noticed it but also longed to know what's behind the white door. Inside is a magical party wonderland where birthday girls get to dress up in fancy shoes, costumes and jewelry. Mademoiselles get their nails polished and faces made up, and dance, sing and play non-competitive games. The celebration moves on to punch, cake, and ice cream (supplied by parents) on real china in a moderately fancy dining room. The woman who runs the place, Laura Joyce, is having as good a time as anyone and seems very skilled at keeping the children happy without losing control of their manners. This helps parents from having to endure the post-frenzy meltdown caused by over-simulation and hyperactivity. It's just the right amount of fun to send little angels zooming home feeling luminous and indulged.

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