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Best Birthday Party Place

Peter Piper Pizza

READERS' PICK: Could it get any easier? Your kid's party at Peter Piper Pizza includes invitations, game tokens, decorated reserved tables, more than enough pizza (one big one for every four little 'uns), and, best of all, someone to clean up after the kiddos. Which is quite a job, since the free soda refills lead to a sugar- and caffeine-fueled mess that rivals the aftermath of Woodstock '99.

B-SIDE: Reid Park Zoo, off 22nd Street between Country Club Road and Alvernon Way. When you're in the mood to sing "You say it's your birthday, well happy birthday to you!" you should head out to the zoo. Someone told us the zoo is where it is all happening for birthday parties, whether you're 6 or 66. For the low price of $6 per child and $9 for an adult, you get either corn dogs or pizza, ice cream and lemonade or punch. You also receive admission to the zoo, a private seating area for your group, tablecloths and eating utensils along with party hats. From personal experience we know this is a very special place on a very special day. So join those kindly elephants and the other animals at the zoo on your birthday. They'll love it if you do.