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Click's Billiards

3325 N. First Ave.

READERS' PICK: No dank hole-in-the-wall pool parlor, this. Click's offers a full bar, cigar-toting waitresses and flat-rate pool. Daytime's only $3 per hour. Nights and weekends, just $7 an hour. You can order pizza and check out the weirdest jukebox--ever--the digital jukebox which has no CDs, records or tapes, just a phone line inside. With 18 full-sized tables, manager Alan assures us that there's hardly ever a wait for a table. They even make a decent martini and will give (on request) three giant olives per. Forget studying Geometry out of a book; learn the angles playing pool.

LOOSE CHANGE: Sam's Place, UA Student Union. Exactly how many brilliant academic careers got derailed in the pool room downstairs at the University of Arizona Student Union many never be known. What is known that, after a top-secret internal memo suggesting several ways to reverse the trend of falling tuition revenues, the UA settled on the most insidious--expand the pool room and put in some video games. Suddenly, all those students who would have finished in four years were now taking six to get out. That's a 50% increase in revenue for you accounting majors. It's clean, there's no smoking and there's almost never a wait for a table. Plus, you can do that lab later...

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