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Listen to John & Frank, sez God

READERS' PICK: Modern-rock radio station KFMA-FM, which knows a thing or two about edginess, proved its nü metal with this parody of those supercilious billboards that purport to be transmitting messages from a Judeo-Christian higher power. At least, it made us think a little, as opposed to those sexist KLPX 'boards that simply depict a bikini-clad woman from collarbone to mid-thigh. That ugly illustration makes the body in question appear to be suffering from radiation sickness.

B-SIDE: The last one taken down. Give them no "R-E-S-P-E-C-T." For years the billboard industry has mostly ignored local laws regulating the huge signs, which is one reason our town looks as trashy as it does. But we're making slow progress in getting some of the illegal monstrosities removed, including one at 22nd and Cherry that came down in late June (Two others were required by a court order to be gone by July 1, but as of our deadline, they were still in place. Sigh.) Both the city and county governments are taking tiny steps to get the industry to obey the law. But we'll see what the State of Arizona does at the new I-10/I-19 interchange. Will it be the same old tune: "Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs"?