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Ah, the helpless citizens of Tucson—always busting the brakes, dislodging the derailleurs and splitting the spokes of their bicycles. Does your threadless headset need re-setting? Do you even know how to change a tube? Never fear, for Ordinary Bike Shop is here. This store's super-knowledgeable (if capeless) mechanics don't need X-ray vision or the ability to fly to swoop in and save you—they simply need a tire lever, a chain hook or perhaps a cotterless crankarm extractor. And if you're without a bike, well, come here and buy one (plus all of the associated accessories). You'll marvel at your own two-wheeled power when you ride away on a purchase from this super store.

Runners up:

2. FairWheel Bikes

1110 E. Sixth St.



44 W. Sixth St.


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