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READERS' PICK: When we signed up to write this little paragraph, we were already big fans of Ordinary Bike Shop for the occasional tune-up, new tire or accessory purchase. But between that moment and when we sat down to write, our bike was stolen and we got an opportunity to put our admiration to the true test: buying a bike. The results? Ordinary Bike Shop rocks. It has a selection of racing bikes, mountain bikes, beach cruisers and stylish vintage bikes to choose from, and the staff is so secure in its greatness that it recommended several competitors that we should check out before deciding. Not only were these people able to help us find a bike that felt just like our beloved lost bike at a really great price, but they dropped everything they were working on to customize it just the way we wanted it so we were able to ride out happy that same day. Really happy. Happy? That our bike got stolen? Yes. This is no ordinary bike shop.

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