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Ordinary Bike and Repair Shop

READERS' PICK: Thankfully, Ordinary Bike Shop is the last bastion of "just right" on Tucson's bike scene. It's the kind of personable, friendly shop that's decidedly not corporate while ably avoiding the Les-Misérables-meets-Mad-Max feel of underground bikesters and their haunts (which are cool in their own right, don't get us wrong; but Ordinary is more for those looking for life beyond the Thunderdome). It carries a decent array of bikes and equipment in limited space, and anything you can't find can be easily ordered. But it's the little touches--"bike checkups" for free if you purchased it there, the welcome absence of gearhead dorks that worship Lance Armstrong, free noisemaker for your new bike--that set Ordinary apart from the competition. Don't be fooled by its modesty; Ordinary is anything but. If it were a smash hit: What's that one Queen song about that? Oh, yeah, "Fat-Bottomed Girls."

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