Best Of Tucson®

Best Bike Riding

Rillito River Park Trail

You're flying down the two-lane asphalt like a rocket-fueled ultralight, stopping for nothing and no one as you swoosh down the underpass beneath the evil highway, unfettered by the Hummers and hatchbacks above. You swerve to leave some space for occasional pedestrians, as well as the zebra-tailed and collared lizards and round-tailed squirrels that skitter and dart among the native vegetation. Down in the riverbed, you see a coyote nosing his way among the shopping carts and flood debris in the late afternoon light, while a raptor perches on a light pole high above. You pedal to the path's end at the train tracks, where you greedily suck icy water as a freight thunders by. Don't get no bettah.

Runners up:

2. Fantasy Island
3. Saguaro National Park