Best Of Tucson®

Best Beer Selection on Tap


When you're in need of a beer selection that will boggle your mind, head on over to 1702 (it's the address). Whether you're craving an IPA so hoppy it's skunky or a smooth blonde that goes down easy (second date not guaranteed), 1702's constantly rotating selection of up to 50 beers on tap won't disappoint. Their unending supply of craft beers that are small-batch, obscure and delicious will satisfy even the most discerning of beer palates. Oh yeah, they also serve super tasty pizza with slices the size of your head. And if you have room for dessert, be sure to check out a scoop of one of Eric's creamy, delicious, cold, ice cream creations—you won't be disappointed!

Runners up:

2. Thunder Canyon Brewery

7401 N. La Cholla Blvd.


220 E. Broadway Blvd.


3. Union Public House

4340 N. Campbell Ave., Suite 103


—It might be time for you to reconsider the decisions you've made for your life: One vote for "Coors Light"