Best Of Tucson®

Best Beer Selection on Tap

Old Chicago

There are certainly a lot of beers to be had here. From American piss-brew standards to the standard foreign assortment to a variety of craft and microbrew beers, Old Chicago has got its barley and hops going on. There are screens aplenty at Old Chicago, and you can rest assured that the game will be played on them. They also have one of those world-beer tours (a great choice for the budding functional alcoholic!) and neat beer combos that go far beyond the simple black and tan. Sit down; order an appetizer; and try the Boulder Hazed and Infused. It's dang tasty.

Runners up:

2. 1702, 1702 E. Speedway Blvd., 325-1702

3. The Shanty, 401 E. Ninth St., 623-2664