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Jack's Original Barbeque

5250 E. 22nd St.

READERS' PICK: We went into Jack's one time, asked for some beef ribs and got a serious lecture on the more-meaty nature of pork ribs from the lady behind the counter and from two patrons seated nearby who just happened to be gnawing on some pork ribs. Properly chastised, we asked meekly if they even make beef ribs. "Oh, sure, hon. How many you want?" This place is a Tucson legend. If you had an elimination tournament where buildings were torn down in inverse order to their importance to Tucson, you could start with one of those porno shops and continue on until all that was left were Jack's BBQ and the San Xavier Mission. After that, it all depends on which religious icon you revere more.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Rod's KC Barbeque, 601 N. Fourth Ave. You wanna start a fight? Ask two people to compare and contrast the ribs at Rod's and Jack's. Then just tell them you'll buy them lunch at their rib joint of choice if they'll fight. A busted lip is not only a small price to pay for a plate of Rod's ribs, it can even be a plus when the tangy sauce gets into the cut.

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