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Raging Sage

While most coffee houses teem with teens and mass merchandising, Raging Sage caters to the discriminating coffee intelligencia who prefer quiet conversation, a quality brew and exquisite pastries that never compromise flavor or taste. Peer inside the glass case and marvel at a revolving menu of supernatural brownies made with real chocolate, morning glory muffins, midnight chocolate cake and plum upside-down cake. Unlike the more generic hockey puck-like scones dominating the coffee marketplace, the Sage's are more cakelike and buttery, made with fresh seasonal fruits and regional herbs and jellys. There's no need to go to Italy or San Francisco's North Beach; the authentic affogato (ice cream with a shot of espresso) debuts here.

Runners up:

2. Starbucks, Various locations

3. Epic Cafe, 745 N. Fourth Ave.