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Imagine obsessing over how many seconds an espresso shot can sit unaccompanied by syrup or milk before it "dies" and is no good. Or how about how many pumps of syrup go into a tall, grande or venti drink. Or whether or not milk can be poured into iced tea, because it can curdle in your stomach. Or even all of the various combinations of size, milk preference, decaf or caf, additional shots, syrups, foam/no foam and whip/no whip? Well, you don't have to worry about all those little things, because Starbucks baristas are trained to. Whether or not you fancy Starbucks coffee, kudos go to the baristas at Starbucks for caring enough about a good cup of joe to take a certified test and obsess over the espresso stuff.

Runners up:

2. Raging Sage, 2458 N. Campbell Ave., 320-5203

3. Epic Café, 745 N. Fourth Ave., 624-6844,

Vote of note: "Epic Cafe (never know what they will be wearing)"