Best Of Tucson®

Best Barbecue

Famous Dave's

Once again, Weekly voters have honored this national chain as the local champion of barbecue. Not that this coronation by the residents of our fair city is a bad move; opinions on barbecue are always varied--and when you're seated at Dave's, the grub undeniably looks and tastes marvelous. Serving up the hat trick of barbecued meats (ribs, brisket and pulled pork), Dave's doles out a variety of sauces for you to slather on your meat, from Rich and Sassy to Devil's Spit. The loaded baked potato topped with a smoking portion of Georgia chopped pork is a gluttonous lunch treat; devour it with a smile.

Runners up:

2. Jack's Original Barbecue, 5250 E. 22nd St., 750-1280,

3. BrushFire BBQ Co., 2745 N. Campbell Ave., 624-3223,