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Famous Dave's

There's no faster way to start a fight than by bringing up the subject of "best barbecue." People are deadly serious about this stuff, and if you're a member of the cult, barbecue is a very touchy subject. The anonymity of the Best of TucsonTM polling process allows our staff to remain safely removed from this dangerous debate as we now present the winning choice of our readers: Famous Dave's. It's all about meat, piles and piles of tender smoked meat. And sauce. Bottles of it, sweet and smoky. And there are plenty of the standard, yummy sides. But what the hell's the deal with that giant pink pig on the wall with zombied-out eyes, riding a huge bottle of Famous Dave's BBQ sauce?

Runners up:

2. Jack's Original Barbecue, 5250 E. 22nd St., 750-1280,

3. Mr. K's BBQ, 1830 S. Park Ave., 792-9484

Unclear on the concept:Lovin' Spoonfuls, one vote

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