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Famous Dave's Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que

Dave's pit barbecue, may, indeed, be the stuff of legend; the menu describes the more than 150 awards the place has received, and some of the trophies are on display in the entryway. The meat is smoked over a hickory fire for up to nine hours. Beef brisket, pork and double-smoked ham are served as dinners or sandwiches. A nice selection of chicken dishes is also available. If your taste in movies runs to Meet Me in St. Louis, you will appreciate the St. Louis-style ribs, served naked or with sauce. (Thankfully, the menu advises you to keep your own clothes on.) A nice children's menu gives them the opportunity to stick with a safe favorite or explore an unusual barbecue meal.

Runners up:

2. Rod's KC Barbeque, 601 N. Fourth Ave., 623-0182

3. Jack's Original Barbeque, 5250 E. 22nd St., 750-1280

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