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Jack's Original Barbecue

First of all, you can't miss the place because of the great neon sign. Is Jack there? They say he moved on to Texas but left his motto behind: "Good Food For Hungry People." That's lots of good food. The portions are ample. If you get two people together, you're going to get an argument about barbecue. Our readers prefer Jack's because there is a good balance of flavor and heat. Every surviving fire eater knows that there must be some restraint. The hot links are a good example of flavor you can taste with just the right amount of heat. If you're there for the first time, try the sampler, which has lots of everything. Since this is Tucson, they even offer a barbecue taco.

Runners up:

2. Rod's KC, 601 N. Fourth Ave.

3. Tom's BBQ, 5443 E. 22nd St.

Sign of the impending apocalypse: Applebee's (one vote)

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