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Best Barbecue Joint And Museum

Mr. K's Barbecue and Afro-American Heritage Museum

1830 S. Park Ave.

STAFF PICK: This is a special Saturday excursion. Mr. K's is only open on Saturdays, because it's the enterprise of retirees Hollway Redmond and Stanman Blair. Their menu says, "We could be open 7 days a week, but then why retire? We need time for fishing and dominos." It's worth waiting all week for their smoky tender pork ribs, yummy sides and peach cobbler. In the cool season, the greens served up at Mr. K's come from a neighbor's garden just a few blocks away. The Barbecue shares a building with the Afro-American History Museum, run by Mr. Blair and Charles Kendrich. There is a room filled with wrought iron sculptures by Kendrich depicting important events in Black American history, and several exhibits portraying old-time businesses of the South Park neighborhood. There's even something for shopaholics: lots of mysterious, dusty stuff for sale.

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