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The Surly Wench Pub

Just the images conjured up by the name "Surly Wench Pub" are good enough: rogue women, out to rule the world through their enormously engorged attitudes, able to throw a lousy drunken man out onto Fourth Avenue with the flick of a pinky. One imagines beer steins the size of turkeys, foamy and overflowing onto a dark, wooden bar. The reality is, actually, much more inviting: It is dark in there, but it's the nice kind of dark; you know, bar dark. The Surly Wenches are actually the Tucson Roller Derby women, who are about as badass as badass can be, but the best thing is, you can go in there and drink to your heart's content and not have to worry about overly confident frat boys hitting on you, 'cause they're too scared to even walk by the place.

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