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The District Tavern

You can learn a lot about a bar by checking out their jukebox selection. Hell, some bars don't even have jukeboxes anymore; instead they have some type of Pandora station going on.  Thankfully, the District Tavern on Congress still has one, and it is well-stocked with great tunes. Check out this short-list: Joe Jackson, Body Count, Captain Beefheart, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Salt 'N' Pepa, Black Flag, the Repo Man soundtrack, Killing Joke, Slayer, Lucinda Williams, De La Soul and even a Maximum Rock 'n' Roll compilation! The jukebox, much like the bar itself, has a little something for everybody. It's the perfect soundtrack for shootin' pool, shootin' the breeze and shootin' back some shots of Old Crow.  

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