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Best Bar for Cheap People Worried About Their Livers

Che's Lounge

When you go out on the town to drink, you want the most booze for your buck, right? Your liver, on the other hand, hopes you'll be broke by 10 p.m. Well, drinkers, it's time to agree to a truce with your favorite organ, and head to Che's Lounge, famous for its humongous hard-liquor shots and cheap-ass PBR—but also home of the never-ending Chex Mix bowl, which you must request and make liberal use of. See, when you drink a lot of alcohol, your liver wants you to eat at the same time, because that helps it make the enzymes that process the sauce. And, yeah, you could go somewhere else and buy a sandwich or something, but then you'd have that much less moolah for drinking.

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