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Bruegger's Bagel Bakery

Readers must like Bruegger's because it's the kind of place you can eat at every morning. We know, because we did it nearly every day for about six months. The cheery bagel babes greeted us as we walked through the front door, bed-headed and bleary-eyed. They never failed to remember the usual: a toasted everything bagel with light plain cream cheese. Some critics may chide Bruegger's for making bagels that seem inauthentic--what's known as a "roll with a hole"--but why should we know any better this far from New York? They taste good.

Runners up:

2. Einstein Bros. Bagels, 4708 E. Sunrise Drive, 615-0508; 7151 N. Oracle Road, 219-1220;

3. The Bagelry/Brooklyn Bagel Corp., 2575 N. Campbell Ave., 881-6674

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