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Bruegger's Bagel Bakery

Late one night, a bunch of rum runners were gathered together at a university-area speakeasy for a game of mahjongg. Things got a little messy, and shots were fired. The worst casualties were the bread rolls. Little did these fellows know that by the end of the 20th century, these holey rolls would be all the rage in Tucson. Bruegger's Bagels--the finest purveyors these days--neither serve alcohol nor encourage the carrying of firearms, but they do peddle fresh orange juice, numerous flavors of cream cheese, soups, espresso and some of the best bagel sandwiches in town. Whether your vice is for things sweet, salty, garlicky, meaty, fruity or seedy, everyone is certain to find chewy satisfaction. And don't forget the mahjongg.

Runners up:

2. Einstein Bros. Bagels, 4708 E. Sunrise Drive, 615-0508; 7151 N. Oracle Road, 219-1220
3. The Bagelry, 2575 N. Campbell Ave., 881-6674

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