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Best Backpacking Trail

Sabino Canyon

Sometimes, a seaman just needs a break from all that yo-ho-ho wine, women and song stuff. They need a little quiet time just like the rest of us, communing with nature, smelling the flowers, doing a little bird watching that doesn't involve a parrot and catching some shuteye in a place that isn't always pitching and rolling in heavy seas. Sabino Canyon's the place, close by to the old lair, easy to get to, with a good trail and commanding views of the city below. Grab a backpack, a sleeping bag, a keg o' water and some rations, hang a Jolly Roger bandanna off the pack, and get out there. Of course, with this summer's flooding, access will be an issue for a while.

Runners up:

2. TIE

Madera Canyon,

Seven Falls,