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Aravaipa Canyon

First, be warned: It is not easy to get into Aravaipa Canyon. Sometimes, it is not easy to get out. You might not want to be there if it is flooding. Water flows in the creek, which is part of the difficulty and part of the fun. It is a good, long hike in the water to your campground. If you do get there, it is glorious, with an abundance of critters: coatimundi, squirrels, birds, bighorn sheep, venomous snakes, coyotes, deer, scorpions. Huge trees fill the canyon. Reservations must be made at the Bureau of Land Management Office in Safford to enter at the west entrance. As long as the east entrance is closed, only 30 people a day are allowed to camp.

Runner up: Sabino Canyon

Unclear on the concept: Fourth Avenue, two votes