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STAFF PICK: Old Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen said it best: "Son, you're gonna drive me to drinking if you don't stop driving that Hot Rod Lincoln." You're driving on a Saturday morning and notice the glowing AMP light in your uncle's 1965 Buick, which you've sworn to baby. What is it? Has that Delco voltage regulator ever been replaced? How about the alternator in that 2-ton GMC TOPKICK or that starter in that aging International Loadstar? Don't worry. Go see Joe Montano at Joe's Auto and Truck Electric, 20 W. 19th Street. It's just south and west of Five Points and on the southeast edge of Barrio Viejo. Joe or Scott will handle your problem with pleasant efficiency. They don't cry about having to call to some other planet for parts. If they don't have them--they had the voltage regulator for the Buick and also gave a rapid rebuild of a wildly worn starter--they'll get them pronto, without a big song and dance. Joe and Scott are simply quick, competent and, most of all, uncommonly fair. They can fix electrical and do belt work on cars and trucks ranging from your Midget to buses. In fact, the city would do well to send Sun Tran here.

B-SIDE: We're revved up over Saguaro Automotive and Saguaro Restorations, 5728 E. 22nd St. The striking thing about Dave Delich's shop, besides the well-maintained Corvettes and Mustangs, is just how clean the place is. Here are experts who just get the job done without moaning, whining or a deceptive high-pressure sell.

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