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Best Auto Repair


Maybe it's the cuddly cartoon dog from its TV commercials. Maybe it's the fact there's a location seemingly everywhere—there's 12, actually—but they are unlike other all-over-the-place auto shops that specialize, in well everything. They even have windshield repair, thanks their new foray, Max Auto Glass. Or maybe it's because, though like all such places, they might recommend some service on your vehicle, but they don't pressure you to get it done right now. Whatever the reason, this locally owned and operated franchise has Tucson's vote as the best around. Their prices are competitive; their customer service is top-notch. It's hard to find something not to like about Brake Max, especially after you lounge on one of their cushy faux leather couches or chairs in the waiting rooms.

Runners up:

2. Bucks Automotive

4360 N. First Ave.


3. Jack Furrier

Various locations

—Either completely clueless or clever social commentary: "BICAS"

—Nice sentiment vote: "My friend Kurt"