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Back in the day, it was Packard, not Cadillac, that reigned as the luxury leader in wheels. Fill with ethyl, and tour the countryside! Packard, with entries like the elegant Town Car, was more popular than the other luxury makes. Henry Ford's Model T rapidly rose in sales for everyman, and America was happy to pave the way--literally--for more drivers who would later take the wheel of, say, the REO Flying Cloud. For any of those, plus all of the new models, Joe's Auto and Truck Electric is the place for repairs. Joe Montano and Scott LaRose are experts for alternators and generators (for older cars), relay systems, power windows and pumps of all sorts. They can fix your little carriage or heavy truck. They are innovative: Montano once scoured hardware stores to find cabinet rollers that could be used in a Buick power-window system. They're reasonable, laid-back, quick and accommodating.

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