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Jimmy's Broadway Automotive / Nippon Motor Service

It's the prettiest, friendliest car-repair joint in Tucson, that's for sure, and one of the oldest. Continuously owned by members of the McDowell and Shinkel families since 1956--first at the corner of Tucson Boulevard and East Sixth Street--Jimmy's runs on an old-fashioned business ethic that's kept customers coming back and the operation expanding for more than 50 years. (They threw a big customer-appreciation barbecue on the anniversary last spring.) Owners David and Phyllis Shinkel proudly offer a 24-month, 18,000-mile warranty on most parts and labor, factory-authorized service, complimentary shuttle service and a bathroom that's cleaner than yours.

It's so freaking clean at Nippon that it's difficult to believe they work on cars here. Sure, there's always coffee, water and snacks available, as well as soft music playing. Heck, there's even a gift shop of sorts. But the proof is in the service. The friendly staff has for the past 25 years impeccably repaired and maintained Toyota, Honda, Saturn, Mitsubishi and Nissan autos, and will do Lexus, Acura and Geo Prism vehicles by request. The garage's latest achievement has been its addition in July to the networking Web site Angie's List (, which allows homeowners to connect with and rate the quality of service providers.

Runner up:

3. Precision Incorporated, 3570 E. Grant Road, 323-6280,

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