Best Of Tucson®

Best Art/Artisan Jewelry

Obsidian Gallery

As Day of the Dead approaches, Tucsonans with a penchant for inventive body ornamentation hasten to Obsidian, where they clamor for the cunning red skull earrings. Fashioned out of recycled tin by Sister Bloc--real-life Tucson sisters Cindy and Wendy Sumner--the charming productions are probably the most affordable in the gallery, a treasure trove of the best handmade jewelry in town. Obsidian's imaginative offerings range from Sister Bloc's tin work to Tana Acton's bracelets, which have smooth rocks tumbling inside sterling wire cages that wrap around your wrist. Petra Class' gorgeous gem-studded golden necklaces look antique enough to have survived the first Olympics.

Runners up:

2. Piney Hollow, No longer in business

3. Fourth Avenue Street Fair,

Vote of Note: "99 Cent Store"