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Best Art/Artisan Jewelry


Marooned down in the exotic Lost Barrio, among warehouse stores crowded with booty shipped in from all over the seven seas, Bohemia specializes in the work of local bohemians. Some 200 local artists ply their creations in an enterprise that is half gallery, half shop. Functional arts such as one-of-a-kind clothing, candles and ceramics are stacked on counters, while the "fine arts" deck the walls. (Wall offerings include work by Tucson Weekly contributors Rand Carlson, who makes ingenious landscape collages in cut tin, and Jay Rochlin, who shoots color shots of barrio architecture.) When you've amassed all the treasure you can carry, stop by Tooley's Café next door for turkey tacos.

Runners up:

2. Obsidian Gallery, 4320 N. Campbell Ave., No. 130, 577-3598,

3. Piney Hollow, 427 N. Fourth Ave., 623-4450,