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Tucson Museum of Art

140 N. Main Ave.

The Tucson Museum of Art has worked mightily to do its job exhibiting art while trying to ward off Covid-19 from its visitors. The cavernous nature of the building helps – patrons can easily stay far apart from each other in the big rooms. The museum also wisely used reservations to limit the number of guests, provided sanitizers and made masks mandatory. And the year’s two big exhibitions were carefully designed to be pleasantly yin-and-yang. First off was a crowd-pleaser, a look at the popular narrative paintings of three generations of Wyeths: NC, the delightful illustrator, the famous Andrew and his lesser-known sister, Henriette, and Jamie, son of Andrew. This conservative show was cleverly followed by 4x4, a very contemporary suite of work by four arts with ties to Tucson. One of TMA’s best shows, it featured three young artists examining their different cultures, and grand elder Willie Bonner whose bright semi-abstract paintings illuminated Black life.

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