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The Tiki Head at the Hut

A moment of silence for the passing of Magic Carpet Golf, home of the three-story-tall tiki head. Visionary folk artist Lee Koplin created the tiki head in 1969, and it was nearly destroyed last year when the property was sold to a car dealer. With the rallying cry, "Keep Tucson uniquey, save the Tiki!" visionary businessman Douglas Finical saved the day with logistical, engineering and fundraising genius. He finagled the head's move across town to his Fourth Avenue club, The Hut. On Aug. 29, the tiki head was unveiled and welcomed into its new home with a traditional tiki ceremony and street party. Long live the Tiki Head, Magnificent Erection, Resurrected Deity of Tucson Eccentrics, Best Make-Out Spot Ever. Oogabooga, baby!