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Annabell's Attic

Whether your style leans toward shabby chic, Victorian or just plain eclectic, you'll likely find something that tickles your fancy at Annabell's Attic. Just a short walk around the store yields both a plethora of memories (of your grandma's house) and a bunch of ideas (for your own home). There are tons of lovely chandeliers suspended from the ceiling, dripping with crystal prisms and major sparkle. If you prefer to sparkle yourself, there is a fantastic collection of vintage and antique jewelry to choose from. There are rows of cool lamps to look at, and so many neat old chairs to see that they'll make your head spin. Annabell's Attic is way more than an antique store--it's a blast from the past.

Runners up:

2. Designers Craft, 3006 E. Grant Road, 629-9711
3. Copper Country Antiques, 5055 E. Speedway Road, 326-0167

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