Best Of Tucson®

Best Annual Festival

Fourth Avenue Street Fair

After 34 years, the Fourth Avenue Street Fair is arguably the largest barbecue-scented gathering of hippies, yuppies and college kids in the Southwest. Of course, tons of other people also come to this twice-yearly festival, and it's easy to see why. Where else can you down beer after beer while perusing fine jewelry, and then catch a ride in a tractor-drawn cart? You can't pick up a wind chime, $100 worth of brisket and a bong-whoops, "water pipe"-at any of the local malls. Fortune tellers, using items both mystical and mundane to foresee the future, always seem to be coming out of the woodwork. Add tons of live music, and you've got an offbeat mix of good times on tap for thrill seekers.

Runners up:

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3. Tucson Folk Festival,