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Tucson Community Acupuncture

The fees are affordable because they make it so. The ambiance is businesslike, uncluttered. You are welcomed with gentle smiles by quiet people who seem instantly to generate trust in their concern for your well being. After discussing your requirements, they lead you into a large, darkened room, lined with reclining chairs holding other patients, absorbed in doing absolutely nothing. Working gently and quickly, your acupuncturist applies the needles. And then for up to an hour you lie perfectly still, in the darkened room, in silence, in community. The science is proven, but, skeptics, consider: What healing might happen if all around the world we spent an hour of perfect stillness, in community.

Runners up:

2. New Life Health Center

Various locations

3. Bio-Touch Center

5634 E. Pima St.


—Best vote for a non-winner: "The Buffet"

—Best somewhat confusing vote: "Take Care Clinic in Walgreens"