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The Salad and Bread at The Olive Garden

STAFF PICK: It's absolutely amazing how many snobby people publicly turn their noses up at the Olive Garden and then don a disguise to sneak in for a lunch consisting of eight helpings of salad, 27 breadsticks and a half a bowl of pasta fazioli. People are always so quick to sneer, "Well, it's not real ... genuine ... authentic ... Italian food." Yeah, but it's GOOD! Why do you suppose there are around 8,000 Olive Garden restaurants in the country? Because people like the food! Do people care that the salad consists of iceberg lettuce? Do they care that the breadsticks were taste-tested by millions of WASPs so that the garlic content would be perfect and not over-powering? Does anybody give a darn that the waiters don't even pronounce pasta fazool the right way? No, because the food tastes GOOD! You Italian food purists need to quitcherbitchin' and pass the breadsticks.