Best Of Tucson®

Best After-School Hangout For Kids

Steve Daru Boys & Girls Club

1075 N. El Rio Drive

STAFF PICK: With kids being tugged in eight million different directions by media, movies, classmates and other societal and familial nonsense, it gets harder every day to keep them on the straight and narrow. That's why the folks at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson are so special and deserving of our recognition. The four local branch clubs--Steve Daru, Roy Drachman, Holmes Tuttle, and the new Tohono O'odham--are indeed a haven from the streets, places where kids can go after school and play, do homework, learn some arts and crafts and hang out with their friends in a safe, caring environment. We love all the Boys & Girls Club branches equally, but we love the Steve Daru Branch just a little more equally than the others because it's where Sean Elliott decided to give up soccer for basketball.