Be Alert; Keep Your Word

It's too goddamn hot for my mind to coalesce together anything for this space, so here are some random thoughts for the week ...

• For the love of God, watch out for your fellow Tucsonans out there on our increasingly busy streets. Someone very dear to me was hurt last week. He was on a bike going north; a woman driving a van was driving south, and she made a left turn right into the bicycle. The woman's excuse? "He just came out of nowhere," she said. In any case, everyone's going to be OK after some serious pain, suffering and healing, it appears. But be careful out there.

• If George W. Bush has any integrity, he'll throw Karl Rove's ass out of the White House by the time this issue's off the stands. Bush previously said anyone in his office involved with leaking CIA agents' names would get the boot. Rove's now admitted doing that very thing. The next move seems stunningly simple, doesn't it?

• It's slightly surreal to sit around in bone-dry 108-degree heat and watch hurricane coverage on TV. Is the damn monsoon here yet?

• For those of you who snivel incorrectly that all we cover is negative news, I encourage you to check out Tim Vanderpool's story in this week's issue.

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