Back in the Saddle

The worst thing about coming back from a vacation, is, well, coming back from vacation.

After a fun and exciting week on a cruise ship touring the Mexican Riviera with 2,000 other homos (not counting cruise ship staff), I arrived to find a pile of mail, many cyberpages of e-mail, budget meetings and an empty 100-page paper in need of filling.

So, as of this writing, I've been stateside for approximately 54 hours, and I am already in need of a vacation.

Well, at least I got a nice vacation; not everybody can say that. I'll stop babbling about vacations and start babbling about what's in this paper.

Of course, we have municipal election coverage, this time in the form of our endorsements (or lack thereof). As you'll see, we didn't pick any of the four candidates, per se. For me, the races came down to two candidates I like, based on the information I have (Kathleen Dunbar and Karin Uhlich), running against each other, and two candidates I don't care much for (Fred Ronstadt and Nina Trasoff) running against each other. Nonetheless, if you're on the fence, the endorsement piece will give you some insight as to the candidate you should vote for, depending on what's important to you.

One other piece that must be mentioned is the cover feature, by Margaret Regan, with photos by Jay Rochlin. Margaret took the initiative to try to get a ride-along with the Border Patrol Search and Rescue unit, and after quite a bit of back and forth, it finally happened. And the day ended up being a doozy. You do not want to miss her story, starting on page 24. It is so good, it was almost worth coming back from vacation to read. Almost.

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