B-Sides: Naïm Amor

Vin et Amor

Think of Naïm Amor like Tucson's very own Serge Gainsbourg. The singer-songwriter easily strips down or fills in his songs, depending on level of accompaniment, with a clear French styling and focus on lyricism. His most recent release, Hear the Walls, was put out by Ft. Lowell Records and features Giant Sand's Thøger Lund on upright bass, as well as other notable musicians like Calexico's Joey Burns and John Parish of PJ Harvey to name a few. Building off that base of musicians, Amor delivers a full musical narrative and develops emotion through lush instrumentation. As the words bounce from English to French, it feels like you're off in a distant café sipping wine and brooding, only to be brought back to the desert with some of his more barren or psych-influenced moments.

While you should most definitely give Amor's Hear the Walls your own listen, you can also check him out live at The Coronet every Wednesday from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. The show is free, which gives you some extra money to spend on half-off bottles of wine at the restaurant, located at 402 E. Ninth St. right near Fourth Avenue.

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